Orthotic Therapy

As podiatrists, we are experts in prescribing foot orthotics to treat foot problems for the foot and lower limb. As one of the premier podiatry practices in Canberra City, Podiatry Professionals’ foot orthotics are prescribed for a wide range of foot and lower limb conditions. Foot orthotics are very commonly worn by a lot of the population ranging from children to everyday men and women and elite athletes as they excellent at managing and treating many biomechanical issues and used to reduce stress and tension forces on muscles, joints and ligaments.

As far as specific conditions, orthotics can be very effective for treatment of plantar fasciitis, treating shin splints, Achilles and heel pain, flat feet, treatment for bursitis, post bunion surgery and commonly for chronic knee and lower back pain. On a basic level orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist improve foot function, can make standing and walking easier and reduce the ‘tiredness’ that commonly contributes to foot pain.

Here at Podiatry Professionals, our qualified podiatrists can prescribe a variety of different orthotic devices ranging from prefabricated orthotics and semi-custom devices to fully custom orthotics. Orthotics requirements are very individual and the type of orthotic device for each person depends on the grade and level of correction, stability and support that is required for you. Other factors such as amount of running performed, type of sport played, age, foot pain levels and footwear worn will determine the type of orthotic one requires. We utilise modern, up to date techniques including heat moulding, plaster casting and 3D scanning to make sure your orthotics are correct and accurate everytime.

At our orthotic clinic we realise that not everyone requires orthotics and our orthotic treatments are 100% focused around reducing your foot pain while also not breaking the bank. There are multiple orthotic options available to fit into everyone’s individual circumstances.

As a ‘sports podiatry clinic’ in Canberra, we have solid background experience and a passion in working with elite high performance athletes ranging from the AIS, ACT Brumbies, junior Canberra Raiders, ACTAS athletes and ADF members. Each day we design and prescribe specific custom orthotics for football boots, defence force combat boots, running shoes, casual and court type shoes, cycling cletes, ski boots, even toddlers shoes! It is what we do!